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The new fitness and health show featuring

Dr. Ted Gambordella and Deanne Moore


 9th Degree Black Belt
41 Years teaching experience
World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998
Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000
International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001
Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001
World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999
Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001
Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002
World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003
3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion
2 Times US Karate Weapons Champion

Author 38 Books
24 DVD's

Celebrating 60 Yrs of Health and Fitness



Dr. Ted's Blooper

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Grandmaster Ted Gambordella


You don't have to Feel and Look Ol just because your

getting older. You can be strong, vibrant, dynamic,

flexible, powerful, healthy for LIFE!

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 Dr. Ted Gambordella have been featured in dozens of Newspaper and Magazine articles.
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Dr. Ted's Photos


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